I Made it

I have no words to express
My relief, after the madness.
My hope had completely died,
But somehow I was revived.

I made it out the other side alive,
I don’t even know how or why.
All I know is that I have to keep
Moving forward, and not look back.

I left so much wreckage behind me,
It’s crazy that I’m in one piece now.
I picked up my pieces, one by one,
Even though it seemed impossible.


Ocean of Words

You pretend like you don’t know,
And you act like nothing’s wrong,
And I do the same.

An ocean of unspoken words
Lies between us, and so we
Make strained small talk.

On our minds are words we don’t
Dare speak, and issues too gigantic
To wrap our minds around.


Inside a Poet’s Mind

tightrope businessman
Whenever I write poetry,
The process tends to be messy.
I start shedding layers of negativity,
Enhancing my wellbeing greatly.

There’s something unapologetic
In writing in a style that is poetic,
Even when feeling claustrophobic,
Living in a world far from idealistic.

When my patience is exhausted,
And my judgment becomes clouded,
I turn to my pen that I have befriended,
Of its companionship I have boasted.

Through my darkest gloomy phase,
It is poetry that has sent me rays
Of sunlight deserving of praise.
I appreciate it even more nowadays.


Betrayal’s Embrace


You were Venus in my eyes,
I admit I was mesmerized.
I let my heart be my guide,
To safety rules I did not abide.
Now my regrets are all amplified,
As I reflect in the dead of the night.

It was me you carelessly betrayed,
Me, who used to come to your aid,
Whose affection still won’t fade,
Even though you dug a blade.
Oh it’s such a cliche,
That I feel compelled to portray.

You played me like a game,
Have you no shame?
The hurt is ingrained into my brain,
And I have only myself to blame.
This was never my aim,
But it could have been all the same.

I admit I was already broken,
Seeking comfort in you often.
I should have had caution,
When you made me into a burden,
And left me when I had fallen,
Of that I am certain.

You seemed so transparent,
I thought you’d never be distant,
Especially when it was urgent.
All of a sudden, you were arrogant,
And of me you were avoidant,
Much to my bafflement.


A New Day: A Poem


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A New Day: A Poem

Yesterday was okay,
To be envied it should not.

Today is a new day,
The night has erased the pain,
Like waves washing the shore.

Or at least that’s what I choose to believe,
Because imagination is our weapon, you see.

Yesterday I bled,
Today I heal.

I will not mess with the scabs of my wounds,
I will wait patiently for time to erase my memory.

I hurt, but I choose to numb the pain,
Because the mind is our anaesthetic, you see.

They say, “You live and you learn,”
I used to say, “I live and I hurt,”
But now I say, “I live and I mature”

It’s difficult to swallow the pill of reality,
But the faster you take it in,
The less bitterness you’ll taste.

I will breathe through it all,
I will laugh at the face of adversity.

There will be no need to introduce myself,
Because I will be adversity’s greatest enemy.

Free Style



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Having loved and lost someone is like trying to get the sand out of your shoes after a beach trip; No matter how much you try, you can’t possibly get every grain of sand out. Or it’s like trying to clean after broken glass; you’ll try your best, but a pesky shard always gets left behind. In a similar fashion, it’s difficult, and nearly impossible, to fully and throughly cleanse yourself from a love gone bad. The lost love of a lover, friend, or parent leaves ashes where loving care once took residence.

Alas, unlike the laws of energy, Love can be destroyed. Fortunately, love can also be created. Learn to recover from wounds of a lost love, and you will be rewarded with love. You could even walk through fire with the right mindset, so don’t let pain of a lost love scare you away. Often, you are only as strong as you allow yourself to be, so don’t limit your powers. Acknowledge your strength and unleash it, and watch yourself mold your life slowly but surely.

– Sarah Al-Haddad


The Warmth of a Coat: A Poem

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The Warmth of a Coat

I was shivering in the cold,
Drowning in desperation,
Losing sensation.

You offered me a coat.

I was collapsing,
Tired of holding to a string.
I wanted to let go.

That’s when I heard your cry.

I was losing feeling,
Getting lost in the pain.

I heard your loud but silent cry.
For a second, it numbed the pain.

Fast forward.

My friend and I,
We’re out in the cold.

The only warmth being
The warmth of hope.

We have no coats,
But we wear our faith.

It keeps us breathing,
Keeps our hearts beating.

Some days are stormy,
And we have nowhere to go.

We call each others’ arms
Our home.

Some days I still long
For the warmth of your coat.

And I wonder
If you’re without a coat.

But you keep yourself in hiding,
I have no way to tell.
I’ve tried time and time over,
To no avail.

I have no coat to offer,
But I can tell you
That you’re not alone.

The wondering,
It adds to the cold.

I have a soft heart,
It won’t let go.

My tender heart is tired of hurting,
It has to learn to move on.

Such are the laws of survival,
Survival of the strongest,
Survival of the fittest.


Hungry for Power: A Poem

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Hungry for Power

It was beautifully and powerfully magnificent.
All were mesmerized by its entrancing presence.
Such a rarity it was to see it dancing freely,
Bearing no urgent danger.

Its flames were loosely limited
By an all-you-can-eat buffet.
Feed it wood or paper,
And it would engulf it with little remains.
Feed it plastic,
And it would melt like ice.
Such is the set up fire by man.

Feed it,
And it will bring warmth and light.
That has been the treaty between
Man and fire since the beginning of time.
Today, it has been tamed to its dislike.

Fire has been held captive ever since.
It is not left free to be wild
And roam as it pleases.
So it rebels when given the chance.

The consequences are catastrophic,
And it has no cares.
Fire is power-hungry,
Crazed for the ultimate power.
It feels nothing but
An overwhelming need to feast.

Such greed plagues man as well.
Fire is not to be blamed,
As it has no mind.
Humans, what’s your excuse?