Hungry for Power: A Poem

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Hungry for Power

It was beautifully and powerfully magnificent.
All were mesmerized by its entrancing presence.
Such a rarity it was to see it dancing freely,
Bearing no urgent danger.

Its flames were loosely limited
By an all-you-can-eat buffet.
Feed it wood or paper,
And it would engulf it with little remains.
Feed it plastic,
And it would melt like ice.
Such is the set up fire by man.

Feed it,
And it will bring warmth and light.
That has been the treaty between
Man and fire since the beginning of time.
Today, it has been tamed to its dislike.

Fire has been held captive ever since.
It is not left free to be wild
And roam as it pleases.
So it rebels when given the chance.

The consequences are catastrophic,
And it has no cares.
Fire is power-hungry,
Crazed for the ultimate power.
It feels nothing but
An overwhelming need to feast.

Such greed plagues man as well.
Fire is not to be blamed,
As it has no mind.
Humans, what’s your excuse?