Me Against Myself

I’m sick of hurting,
Tired of distracting
Myself from the pain.

I let my heart bleed out,
Not caring for first aid,
I don’t want to try anymore.

I can’t deal with the constant
Fight against my own thoughts,
I just want to escape it all.

I’m Indifferent about making it,
So sorry for letting anyone down,
And sorry for letting myself down.


End of Us

You made me feel safe,
In a chaotic world.

I treated you like family,
You were my home.

When you fell apart and left,
Something inside me broke.

I held on to you tightly,
With all my might.

Eventually I realized I was
Holding on to a hot coal.

I had waited for months,
Until it was too painful to bear.


Mirror Image

What does it take
To taste happiness
Once again?

Every time I get there,
It lasts for a heartbeat,
And I’m left wanting more.

I’m fighting an invisible
Battle that few can see,
Much less understand.

I’m drowning in my
Well-hidden secrets,
Do they even know me?

Am I really myself or am I
Simply a mirror image
Of what they want to see?

Am I losing my sense of self,
In all their expectations?
Would they love me as I am?