All you do
Is lend a hand
To strangers,
Without reward.

But when
It comes to
You’re not kind.

You deserve
So much more
Than what you
Give yourself.

It saddens me
How you put
Yourself last,


Heat Wave

The pain comes and subsides,
Like heat waves in summer.

I can’t seem to anticipate
Each wave, and I’m unprepared.

I wish I could close my eyes,
And open them to a new reality.

My worst nightmare came true,
Someone I love is in my old shoes.

Won’t you please wake me up,
And tell me none of this is real.

Tell me it’s all a twisted dream,
One that my mind weaved.

Days and nights pass me by,
And it’s not getting much easier.

What if even in hindsight,
It still comes back and haunts me?