Lost Without You

I find myself reminiscing
About when we formed
An unmatchable force;
We were two halves,
But we made a whole.

While the world around us
Was being set on fire,
We didn’t care to look;
All that mattered was
That we had each other.

It has been a while,
And so much has changed,
Yet it pains me to say,
My feelings remain the same,
Although I wished them to fade away.

I assumed that un-nurtured
By reciprocated feelings,
They would slowly die away,
But that hasn’t been the case;
And I’m stuck in the same place.


Death in Spirit

The dead are not always buried;
Sometimes they are alive in body,
Though their spirit is gone.
They walk among us as corpses.

I was once a walking corpse,
Having lost my soul and purpose.
It was not a fact obvious to most,
But it was frightening to observe.

I still remember when you mourned
The death of me in my presence.
There were tears in your eyes,
And I too knew that I was gone.

Little did I know that I was a fighter,
And that I was destined for revival.
So to all those who are skeptical,
Let me assure that it can get better.

A Balancing Act


I learned not to reason
With a wounded heart;
I would fail before I start.

When I threw out all logic,
I knew the consequences
Could be catastrophic.

And I attempted to express
The magnitude of emotions
That I had to address.

But how could I be articulate,
When the thought of you
Had me losing my grip?

Soon after we bonded,
I admit I was disoriented.
But I’ve regained my balance.

Fickle Hearts


I’m not fond of fickle hearts,
The kind that break mine apart.
I’d rather be in the company
Of a breathtaking melody.

As lyrics are sung charismatically,
I am overwhelmed with empathy.
The singer chose to share a story,
And I respect it in all its glory.

I’m not fond of fickle hearts,
The kind that break mine apart.
I’d rather indulge in chocolate;
I would relish every little bit.

The more the chocolate melts,
The better I find my mood gets.
Consuming it really is a delight,
I’m sure you’ll find that to be right.

It All Started With a Roar

I once thought my ambitions
Were those of a lion;
Courageous and powerful.

But in reality, my dreams
Closely resembled a jaguar;
Fleeting at record speed.

Or maybe my aspirations
Were more like bees,
Dying after the first sting.

I Lived in survival mode,
Giving up all other goals,
Like a dear facing headlights.

Today, my dreams possess
The resilience of a cactus,
Growing in unfavourable situations.

Scarier Than ‘IT’

Horror can no longer faze me;
Nothing’s scarier than my past reality.

For years depression took control,
On my dreams it took a toll.

I never found it fair;
Of aspirations it stripped me bare.

I lost sight of who I am,
And of pleasure I was banned.

On who I am it made an impression,
Going beyond teaching me a lesson.

Now that I’m free from its hold,
I’m still sensitive of the cold.

The physical cold reminds
Of pain experienced behind blinds.

It’s frustrating rediscovering myself,
When my past self has left.


Inside a Poet’s Mind

tightrope businessman
Whenever I write poetry,
The process tends to be messy.
I start shedding layers of negativity,
Enhancing my wellbeing greatly.

There’s something unapologetic
In writing in a style that is poetic,
Even when feeling claustrophobic,
Living in a world far from idealistic.

When my patience is exhausted,
And my judgment becomes clouded,
I turn to my pen that I have befriended,
Of its companionship I have boasted.

Through my darkest gloomy phase,
It is poetry that has sent me rays
Of sunlight deserving of praise.
I appreciate it even more nowadays.

Betrayal’s Embrace


You were Venus in my eyes,
I admit I was mesmerized.
I let my heart be my guide,
To safety rules I did not abide.
Now my regrets are all amplified,
As I reflect in the dead of the night.

It was me you carelessly betrayed,
Me, who used to come to your aid,
Whose affection still won’t fade,
Even though you dug a blade.
Oh it’s such a cliche,
That I feel compelled to portray.

You played me like a game,
Have you no shame?
The hurt is ingrained into my brain,
And I have only myself to blame.
This was never my aim,
But it could have been all the same.

I admit I was already broken,
Seeking comfort in you often.
I should have had caution,
When you made me into a burden,
And left me when I had fallen,
Of that I am certain.

You seemed so transparent,
I thought you’d never be distant,
Especially when it was urgent.
All of a sudden, you were arrogant,
And of me you were avoidant,
Much to my bafflement.

In The Ocean’s Company

Here’s a poem I wrote months ago but did not post at the time.

The ocean converses with my soul,
Its waves constantly break at the shore,
With such delicacy that it calms my very core.

The composure of the waves
Against the conflict coming from within
Poses a pronounced contrast.

I tremble and agonize with self-doubt,
“Will I ever be as healthy as the others?
What about all that I’ve been blessed with?”

The ocean’s waves continue to break.
I envision the future in black or white,
And I am convinced that it is not right,
So I attempt to dismiss my concerns outright.

The ocean’s waves nod in agreement.
Exasperating anxiety and dark depression
Subsist on my debilitating thoughts,
Leaving me depleted of ambition and drive.
The color of the ocean fills my soul with hope.

The waves gently pat my feet in succession,
Grains of sand lightly tickle my toes,
And my unfavorable thoughts leave in regression.

Just beginning to apprehend my potential,
Yet I am certain I possess power that is
As challenging to fathom as the depth of the ocean.

The continuous battle within myself
Threatens my existence as it always has,
But I refuse to permit it to be my last.
The waves quicken in support of the notion.

The ocean chants in tranquilizing harmony,
I become utterly mesmerized by the melody,
Blessed by its presence and virtuous company.

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